Our Vision

The Present day education system in this technological age merely readies students for jobs, without focusing on moral and human values. The teaching is thus shoddy and unimaginative mstead of fostering and fully potential sing their inner growth, It hinders the opening of young minals.

In contrast to this, our founding ethos is to provide an atmosphere where children can flower in freedom, security and affection. Our school is neither prescriptive nor authoritarian, promoting co-operation rather than competition among students.

Chairman’s message
(Shivjot Singh Katal)

chairmanThe L.D.S.S PLASMA SCHOOL is temple of learning and plays an important role in broadening the mental horizon of young learners and develops sterling ethical value in them. We lay focus on quality education is not limited to curriculum alone. Hidden potential of the student are identified and encouraged for scholastic achievement. We equip children with smart, specific, measurable achievable realistic and time bound goal and aim at providing holistic education and assets for the nation. It is our constant endeavors to spur the student on the path of independent thinking and chisel the personality with reined strokes of better attention, care and sense of belonging. We constantly uphold our level of commitment to provide a enriching and satisfying environment.


Dear Parents,
It is a wonderful feeling to reach you and provide useful information about LDSS PLASMA SCHOOL. School is meant primarily for supporting talent in the country and giving in the benefit of excellent education and careful upbringing. The goal is to groom talented boys and girls to leadership roles and to avenues of services of eminence. The School is impaired by the perseverance of its founder Prof. Kartar Singh Katal.

It is Perfectly legitimate for caring parents to desire that their children get the best education and training while being rooted to their hostage and culture. Every teaching of our school has been groomed to be passionate about his/her responsibilities. A team of highly qualified and dedicated teacher trains the children to develop innovative through regular workshops orientation programmers for latest pedagogical advance.

But in spite of all our efforts nothing can be achieved careless parents and school work in Tandem with each same value and the same massage to the child. It is the school fond hope that this school and you will be able to forge a strong relationship and that together we will help your child achieve what the school sets out as our goal i.e. Aspire, Act, Achieve.

I firmly believe that with blessing of almighty god we will be producing year after year brilliant student who will be the touch bearers and future hope of our nation. I wish the students have a rewarding experience at LDSS PLASMA SCHOOL
Wishing you all a very successful new Academic session.