Information Document 3

15. Library facilities

Size of the Library in sq. feet 1152 Sq. Ft
No. of Periodicals 5
No. of Dailies 5
No. of Reference books class-wise 1500
No. of Magazine 10
Others 5

16. Name of the Grievance / redressal Officer with E-mail, Ph. No., Fax No.           Ms. Mamta sagar (Principal)

17. Members of Sexual Harassment Committee                 

Mrs. Mamta sagar (Principal)

Mrs. Nirmala

Ms. Kanchan

18.Section wise enrolment of school for the  Class/Section/Enrolement/Current Session


Class Section Enrolment current session
I A 25
 II  A  19
 III  A  20
 IV  A  20
 V  A  21
 VI  A  30
 VII  A  25
 VIII  A  20

Academic session period                                        from 01/04/2013 to 31/03/2014 

  1. Vacation period                                                 from06/06/2013 to14/07/2013
  2. Admission period                                               from01/04/2013 to30/09/2013